5 Ways to Get Out of a Beauty Rut

While there’s nothing wrong with being a die-hard fan of a certain brand of cosmetics or a skincare line, using the same color palette season after season and the exact same products each day could mean you’re stuck in a beauty rut. Experimenting with at least one of the season’s hottest trends or changing up your makeup lineup at least once each season can keep things fresh. You don’t need a drastic makeover to change things up ‘” adding a new shade, saying goodbye to an outdated trend and trying a new color palette can be all it takes to get out of a beauty rut.

If you think you’re stuck in a beauty rut, here are five simple ways to get out of it, fast:
Pick up samples of a new skincare line. Your skin is like a canvas for makeup, so make sure it’s in good shape before you start applying any type of makeup. Head to the spa for a skin consultation or talk to your dermatologist about products he or she would recommend to improve your skin type¬† as you pair it with¬†derma roller amazon.


Your skin changes from season to season, and even more so if you are experiencing hormonal shifts. Try a new skincare line that’s designed for your skin type, and get into a new cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine to improve the overall quality of your skin. Hit the makeup counter for a mini-makeover. Head over to the department store, Sephora or another makeup outlet to learn about some of the new products and shades for the season. Many beauty counters will offer a free mini-makeover so that they can recommend a color palette or set of products that suit your skin type. Switch to neutrals if you usually go bold, and vice versa. If you’ve gotten into the habit of only wearing bold and bright eye shadow, switch to a neutral palette for a day and see if you like the new look. If you tend to stick with neutrals, play with some shimmering color palettes and brighter hues. Change things up just for a day! Design a new “going out” look. If a wedding, date night or a glamorous event is in your near future, now is a great time to try something new. Pick up some bold shades and learn how to apply HD makeup correctly so that you can create a flawless look for that special night. Your special-event look could also include false eyelashes, shimmering face powder, bold red lipstick and other products that you would never wear during the day time. Look to wedding magazines for inspiration and try a few different trends to nail your signature look. Give your standby products an upgrade. Have you been using the same eyeliner, mascara or lip gloss for years and years? Invest in a higher-quality brand or switch to a luxury brand to enhance your favorite features like a pro. A few small changes to your product lineup could be all it takes to get out of a beauty rut.
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