My engagement

I am excited to announced that i will be marrying my longtime lover in six months. We are now talking to possible event coordinator and suppliers who will help us in our wedding day. I am just so excited to be in the altar with the man I love and I hope he is too. We have been together for five years before he popped the question and I remember that time I was so shocked. Of course I said yes. And now, as we are planning, we also need to save up for the future. No more shopping and too much leisure activity he said. But you know, as a bride to be I need to happily oblige because I understand the situation. We are currently saving up and I love how I reject thoughts of random shopping. For months now I did not went to the shopping mall to buy things. Even in online shops I seldom checkout items (only one i saw where they were selling best wooden watches because I just love them). I am also doing a canvass list of appliances we should buy in the future like refrigerator, some sofa bed, a couple of chairs and a cabinet for my clothes. I am also eyeing on a coffee maker, grinder, microwaves, oven and some electric kettle and stove for our food. I did not expect marrying also means buying lots of things for the house!

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