Professional photography and the modern technology

The thing is, when you really care about photography and things like this, the devil is completely in the details and I have to say that these types of mobile devices are great except for the fact that you can’t micromanage the little details. On the other hand, you can edit and filter on the spot, and that is a whole separate process when it comes to taking photos and doing photography with a real, standard camera. Still, it’s really amazing how fast this technology has continued to grow, and how consistently as well. To be honest, being a photographer has never been as easy, but being in professional photography has never been so difficult. These days, it seems like everybody who even has a little bit of a passion for photography can immediately practice at a high level, as long as they have good taste and a good mobile device. Makes it much harder for professionals to really stand out. You need to create a nice, and you need to do the thing you do in a way that others will or cannot do, but is still in demand. Mobile filters and technology in general has definitely created a brand new arena for photography, and that’s not necessarily A Bad Thing. It just means that photographers and practice or so photography need to adapt to set themselves apart from the pack, learning new skills and specializing in certain areas of their trade. That’s never been a bad thing before, but it’s always shocking, and it is not always entirely fair, or doesn’t seem fair, too old school practitioners who have just been doing their thing for so long, and now they have to change the way they do it, or risk falling behind the curve. But, that is totally just the way that the cookie crumbles. That is, indeed, totally, just the way it goes in this kind of operation.

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