A good book brings you to places never before imagined, carries you back in time and in history, and fuels your understanding of a culture so rich and a heritage so diverse that you’d want to read the book over and over again – and experience it in the process.


Here are a few books from OMF Literature, recently released, that would stimulate your imagination and your mind and more.


Attitude 101

John Maxwell


Many people think of attitude as their gateway to a healthy life. The truth about attitude (or behaviour, for that matter) is that it does just that and more and if you want to know what shapes your attitude, this book by John Maxwell gives you a lowdown about how to bring in good vibes to your work and your career, and your family life. Interestingly not only does it show how to form and figure your attitude but also to keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus to “whom every good and perfect gift comes from Him alone” (including our attitude, of course).


From start to finish, this book is a revelation of sorts. John talks about failure and success, about performance and leadership, about emotions and even bad attitude, among others. As expected from this leadership guru, the book is laddered with sayings and quotations that you can take to heart, as well as examples from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and life stories of ordinary people. What is interesting about Attitude 101 is that it dives deep down into your spirit and shows you the real reason for acting the way you do. John in one of his closing statements say that you need to give up to go up – quite hard for most to do but to really go up the success ladder, you need to let go of a few things.



Grace Chong


This book is all about the new generations or the so-called Millenials who are too focused on their gadgets and their mobile phones that they don’t have time for anything else. Grace Chong researched well about the subject (since she admits she is in a generation of long ago) by having a pizza party with young guests, talking to a few of those in this generation, as well as coming up with answers by interviewing the teachers of this new era. Like a well-thought of thesis, this book has all the elements: introduction, hypothesis, experiment and conclusion – and you’ll also love to pry into the world of this new batch of people. Within the pages of the book is an exam to see whether you are part of this new generation, much like an activity book.


Present! starts with an interesting story and continues with this new tale all throughout. One of the pointers that Grace says that radiate through the heart, “People who fear God become sensitive to other people’s needs because their thoughts are not centred on worldly concerns or gadgets.” Grace cautions, though, that there is nothing wrong with being wired to the world – “Being wired to the world is only wrong if it disconnects us from the real one. Our problems arise when we let world connections take so much space in our lives that we forget this place is not our home.”


When a good God allows rape

Joy Tanchi-Mendoza


The title so shocking isn’t it? But that’s exactly what happened to Joy Tanchi-Mendoza when she was in her high school years. The interesting take about this book is that although with the title, you can digest that the story may be about that gruelling and fateful night but all throughout – from start to finish (even with the incidence) – it is all about the Redemption and Grace of God. In fact just a few chapters are devoted to the rape and the rest are all about the Loving God and how He brought her to a place of healing. Definitely it’s not easy but you can learn some lessons in the process: that God is a Loving and a Faithful God and that He would always protect those who continually seek His Name. You may not understand what really happened, or what happened to Joy, but God always has your best interests at heart. In the words of Joy, “A sovereign God makes no mistake. Tragic circumstances are ordained for a reason.”


The story ends in a joyful note – a happy marriage to Edric and five wonderful children. Joy says, “The reality is I do not know what trials we may still encounter in our lifetime. However I do know that God will afford the same bountiful Grace He has supplied thus far; He has given the assurance of His presence in the dark alleys we may still have to walk through.”


You’re Beautiful but you can be stunning inside and Out

Malu Tiongson-Ortiz


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. True, to some extent, but according to Malu Tiongson-Ortiz in this book, it is the heart that matters. The book focuses on two parts – the internal and the external. The former is marked with how to put on make-up and even has an inside page where a model demonstrates how to do that. The latter is the more important part as the attitude of the heart dictates what is said or done. Malu even lists down negative traits of women – yes, women in particular – and how to bounce back from this behaviour. She offers practical and logical steps that an individual can do in his lifetime to counteract this negative behaviour: eating healthy, sleeping well, exercising daly, respecting your husband and loving your wife, and initiating forgiveness. Malu says, “Just as there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to appreciating art, there are also no strict rules to appreciating a person’s beauty.” Former beauty queen Mirriam Quimbao who is also happily married gave a fascinating insight to the book as well, “Inner beauty outlasts outer beauty. And so this inner beauty should be well-enhanced.”


The book from cover to cover is quite interesting because it gives solutions to life’s problems, no matter how small or huge. A well-thought of volume, this is recommended for all sexes because men can learn a thing or two from women too.  You can also download these books via Kindle. If you have more budget, check out some reviews at site for gadget reviews R-Tech24.



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