Saving The Earth with Unu Motors

We are going to have a clean-up drive this coming July in line with our project of saving the Earth. We all know that climate change is upon us. It is now inevitable. The Earth is slowly getting weaker and weaker as years pass by, all due to humans’ neglect. A large part of this climate change are not only big companies whose manufacturing chemicals that are not good for the environment, but to each individual who do not care of our Earth’s sake.

This July, we will have clean up drive along the streets and rivers and beaches in different parts of the world, thanks to the partners from different country chapters and from regions who gamely expressed their support.

The campaign is called Clean Up Drive to Save the Earth and it shall run for six weeks. We would like to thank our partners, especially Unu Motors who pledged to provide their help in transportation with their  elektrische scooter. For your information, Unu Motors is an eco-friendly company. It does not emit harmful gasses as its scooters are ran only by electricity. It does not only saves time and effort but it also pave the way for a better, cleaner, more peaceful, and earth-friendly community with their products. Thankyou for supporting us! And for those who want to sign-up for this yearly event, please check out our contact page to know more about this.

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