Amazon Prime Canada’s edge

You know, it seems like every day, when I’m telling people about modern technological Services, Amazon Prime comes up. Amazon Prime comes up, people always ask: “is Amazon Prime Canada worth it?” Mostly because people have a lot of misconceptions about what it actually is, and what it can do for them. It’s not the people are necessarily negative oh about Amazon Prime, it’s just that it is such a huge service with so many different aspects that people can figure out what it is. Is it just an online shopping membership that will save you money on deliveries and give you discounts? Well, it is that, but it’s also a large cloud storage resource for you to save photos and videos, in a way that’s not all two different than something like Dropbox.

Basically, the main feature, is that it gives you free and rather quick delivery on items you purchased through your online shopping on Amazon. So, if you are interested in doing more online shopping or if you already do a lot of online shopping, Prime membership is totally worth it for somebody like you, because a Prime Membership will remove the delivery charges from basic deliveries, and if you want something like one day shipping up here in Canada, you can often get it for as low as $4. Now come in the United States, once again things are different, but we should learn not to resent that, but to expect that things in Canada will become more like that. Yes, that is the point we’re getting too. So, when people say, isn’t Amazon Prime Canada worth it, even though it is not as advanced as America’s Amazon Prime, I just say look at the past, and you will see that every single time that this happens, Amazon Prime Canada ends of catching up to Amazon Prime in the United States, we just don’t have as much infrastructure in place right now, which makes a lot of sense.

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