The Wife Duty

Okay, here’s what’s up, I am having a very hard time buying a present for my husband. I know that he will love anything that I buy for him but I want him to really really really really really love what I buy for him. I am sick of his best friend coming up with better gift ideas than me. So, I have two choices. I can beat his best friend at his own game. My husband’s best friend is always buying him very manly gifts like like sports things and camping things. You know what I mean? He gets in that cool beer fridge or something like that. I could do that. I was looking on Survival Cooking, and there are these very expensive but really good coolers and tents that my husband would love to have when he goes camping, coolers that keep your beers cold for like 36 hours and crazy stuff like that.

Or, I could just do the WIFE thing and do it really well. I’m thinking about buying him like a $450 watch. I would probably even go higher, but we have a $500 limit. So, when I’m searching, I’m looking for the best watches under 500, and I am constantly overwhelmed by how great some of them are. Some of them seem like they should be like 700 or 800 or $2,000 watches, and a lot of them are on sale for 500. I think my husband would be so shocked to get a really nice watch. I don’t know how he would react, but I think that when we went to weddings and social events, Christmas parties, and business events, he would feel so confident if he had a beautiful watch on his wrist.

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