Tips for Ultralight Backpacking


The purpose of ultralight backpacking is to shed as much weight as possible. This allows you to enjoy your trip more than you would with traditional backpacking. If you want to try it out, then this article will give you a few tips for ultralight backpacking.

Before you go on an ultralight backpacking trip, learn as much as you can about the area. If there are plenty of streams in the area, you can reduce weight by not bringing along your supply of water. All you have to do is bring one or two water bottles and fill them up with water as you travel. Just remember to bring a water purifier so it’ll be clean.


Another tip for ultralight backpacking is research the weather forecast for the area. i made a review of The PNW Waterproof Backpack you might want to check out.

If there is no rain in the forecast, then it’s safe for you to leave your rain supplies at home. Bring a sleeping bag or light hammock instead of a heavy tent. If it will also be hot, then you don’t have to bring a lot of clothes with you.


If it does rain during your ultralight backpacking trip, then use a light tarp over your tent instead a rain fly. Rain flies are a little heavier. If you want to keep your tent drier while it’s raining, then put the tarp up before you erect the tent.

Heat Loss

If it will be cold during your ultralight backpacking trip, you need to learn how to avoid heat loss. First, you should never sit directly on snow or walk through wet bushes and trees. This will lead to evaporative heat loss cause by the evaporation of moisture. When you have direct contact with colder things, you will loss heat in the form of conductive heat loss. Therefore, you should avoid sitting on cold areas like rocks and sit on your ultralight backpacking gear or logs instead.


Of course you’ll need food during your ultralight backpacking trip. Stoves require fuel and a pot, so you should try to get by without one. Bring foods that don’t require cooking like trail mix. If you have to bring a stove, then make sure you also bring a windscreen. Stoves burn a lot more fuel when they are subjected to even the calmest winds.

Multiple Purposes

One last trip for ultralight backpacking is to bring items that can serve more than one purpose. Use rain gear that you can also hang as shelter. Use cooking pans that you can also drink out of.

These are a few tips for ultralight backpacking. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and try to get by with things you really need.

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