How to Take Control of Your Blogger Search Engine Ranking

A blog is the perfect place to share your thoughts with the world but don’t let yourself be fooled by how they look and the number of visitors you get. You are not the first person to start a blog, it is actually the latest form of communication to emerge on the Internet.

With blogs, you have more of a chance to maintain quality content than what you have had previously. In this day and age, people are not likely to check the blog they are on first. I am sure you have read comments from readers who will tell you that their comments are being marked as spam by Google. This happens because they do not read the comments they leave.

However, if you have an email and subscribe to your RSS feed, it is possible to check your blog on a regular basis and remove any that you feel are not of good quality. What if you did not do this?

Once you submit to the search engine in the form of an article, you have to go through the whole process of converting that article into a blog post. This means that all you have to do is put your full name, the website URL, the title and the content.

To ensure that your blog is indexed, you have to follow the guidelines set out by Google for Blogger‘s users. I know that this may take some time to get indexed but it can be done.

To begin with, do not use keywords that Google deems inappropriate. Keep your keyword density to a minimum in the title and heading area and use the least amount of keywords possible.

Next you should decide on a topic for your blog. If you have a specific service or product you want to promote, write about it in your blog. This is a blog that can help your business grow and succeed.